To have beautiful skin you need to understand the characteristics and structure of your own personal skin.

Skin is the body’s largest organ. It’s made up of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis; each of which has its own purposes.
You also need to understand your skin type. Is it oily, dry or combination skin? Is it normal skin or sensitive skin?

What are its key parameters, i.e. its thickness, melanin content, it’s Phototype which determines its sensitivity to the sun?

What are its aging characteristics? Do you know the causes of skin aging?

Do you understand the best skin care treatments?This little eBook introduces you to your skin so that you can learn to provide the skin care to make you look marvelous.

He always knew that his ancestor was a brutal pirate back in the 1600s. As a kid he use to daydream about him. He always played the part of a pirate in all the games.

When his new girlfriend suggested that they take a vacation in the Caribbean he was anxious to go. He was especially motivated during the last few weeks because he could not get his old pirate ancestor out of his mind.

He seemed to have vivid images of him killing people and hiding treasure. Why are these visions becoming so vivid after all these years?

He rented a 46 foot yacht in south Florida and headed for the Caribbean.

Brad loved her deeply but she did not want to settle down. She worked as an assistant to a Senator and enjoyed the opulence that the job offered.

The Senator worked with Omar. Brad found her with Omar. Brad went into a rage.

Omar missed his meeting with the Senator. No one could find Omar. The local Sheriff’s office searched for Omar. The FBI, and others, searched for Omar. But they could not find him. But Brad and his friends found Omar again and again and again and again….



The Devil Takes the Bodies of dead women and girls just before they are buried.  The “half-breed” Indians living over in Itawamba County in Mississippi are suspected.  Most of the disappearances happened in that county and 3 in Monroe County.  This is the story of the ninth, tenth and eleventh incidents which occurred in Lee County.

It wasn’t the suspected indians.

Two young boys were among the first witnesses in Lee County.  Their curiosity and “running wild freedom” resulted in them seeing the Devil several times.  Eventually he takes them too.

The Devil continues his quests and eventually takes 11 dead women and girls.  And he winds up with the 11 plus 3 live children, the 2 boys and an 11 year old girl.

The ending of the story proves that evil existed in Mississippi early in the last century.

The story is told in the language of that era.

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We were watching old Tom show us his string of fish.  When he threw them back in the water the alligator grabbed them.  The boat rocked violently.  Tom fell overboard.  The Alligator got him.

We ran for help.  The Sheriff, his deputy, the game warden and my uncle brought me and my little brother back to the lake to search for old Tom and the alligator.

I was 10 and my brother was 8 when it happened.

We had to wait until night so we could use flashlights to spot his reflecting eyes.

We motored around in the boat until we spotted him.

He came for us!

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Jay had spent his entire adult life at the university studying and teaching about the many pre-humans in our early evolution.

He couldn’t bring himself to believe that Bigfoot and Yeti really existed, but he really wanted to believe.  Fossils had shown that at least 8 of our “cousins” co-existed about a million years ago.  Our latest cousin, the Neanderthal survived until about 28,000 years ago.

When the new fossils recently found indicated that another of our cousins existed to 12,000 years ago, and maybe as late as 4,000 years ago, Jay became very interested in the current stories of Yeti and Bigfoot sightings.

Then when another sighting of a Bigfoot near his home, Jay decided to use his summer break from the university to explore the area to try to photograph Bigfoot.

He found Bigfoot.  Actually he found a clan of Bigfoots.

They killed 2 men who were also searching for them, and captured their female companion.

Jay came to study and photograph Bigfoot.  He did much more.  He became part of the clan.

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After an intensive search and study of The Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents, Walter Parks found where God gave instructions, through His Prophets Isaiah and Malachi for the preparation of a place in the wilderness for His Son Jesus.

The instructions were followed. A place was prepared. And it was at this place in the wilderness that God’s Son was secluded during His “missing years”. It was there that Jesus prepared to become the Messiah.

Jesus His School Years is a Bible Story that is greatly enhanced with findings from the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents. It describes the formation of the parables of Jesus and gives insights into prophecies for our future.

Jesus His School Years invites readers to see how and where the preparations for Jesus were made; to see photographs of the ruins of his school; to see computer generated re-constructions of his school; and to read some of his schoolbooks pieced together from thousands of ancient fragments.

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