After an intensive search and study of The Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents, Walter Parks found where God gave instructions, through His Prophets Isaiah and Malachi for the preparation of a place in the wilderness for His Son Jesus.

The instructions were followed. A place was prepared. And it was at this place in the wilderness that God’s Son was secluded during His “missing years”. It was there that Jesus prepared to become the Messiah.

Jesus His School Years is a Bible Story that is greatly enhanced with findings from the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents. It describes the formation of the parables of Jesus and gives insights into prophecies for our future.

Jesus His School Years invites readers to see how and where the preparations for Jesus were made; to see photographs of the ruins of his school; to see computer generated re-constructions of his school; and to read some of his schoolbooks pieced together from thousands of ancient fragments.

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